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About Bee-Line

Bee-Line is produced by Danish graphic designers, illustrators and photographers in a style that reflects the Danish way of thinking and Danish motifs.

The common denominator for all content is high quality – we leave unlimited quantity and all that this entails to others. The website content is updated weekly, typically to reflect the time of year, festivals, and anticipated trends and events.

Our users/licence holders also have a significant influence on the material that is produced and displayed, as our main objective is to create solutions and value for our customers.

Use the subject list to find exactly what you are looking for, whether it’s graphics, illustrations, layouts, backgrounds or photos you need. You can access the material through a subscription, which grants free right of use and unlimited downloads, or you can buy vouchers that you can use to purchase individual downloads.

If you have quite specific requirements you can also purchase one of our collections.


About us

Bee-Line is produced and issued by the company Kehlet, which was founded in 1985 and is based in Varde in western Denmark.

Our main objective is – and has always been – to produce graphic “tools” that can help and inspire our customers to find creative solutions which also save them time and money.

In 1986 the first creative illustration collections were issued under the product names “Tegnebøgerne” and “Kehlet Idéarkiv”.

In 1989 when the first illustrations were issued on floppy disks, the product names were changed to Bee-Line, the brand name we still use for our extensive product range of Danish illustrations and photos for creative use.

Everything is produced by our own in-house designers and photographers, and we constantly strive to stand out from the many foreign clip art and photo collections on the market. We achieve this by maintaining a general high quality of both techniques and images, and by ensuring that the locations, props and “look and feel” are Danish.

Bee-Line is the market leader in Denmark for professional users, but is also used by graphics businesses across the globe.

Kehlet is also a full-service agency for Danish local newspapers, providing journalism, pictures, advertising concepts, crosswords, horoscopes, car tests and – of course – Bee-Line products.