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Terms and conditions of licences and right of use etc

The terms and conditions governing the right of use of material from bee-line.dk are quite simple. Essentially, only breach of copyright could potentially result in a dispute – and in reality (and historically) there have not been any major problems. It is always a question of rights, reasonableness and common sense, and agreement can normally be reached amicably.

Kehlet/bee-line.dk owns the copyright to all the website content, as everything is the work of our own designers and photographers. This helps to keep things simple.

The terms and conditions of this text apply to all the material that is available at bee-line.dk and which therefore is also available to the registered licence holder (you). You are only deemed to be a registered licence holder if you have entered into a written agreement. A written agreement is either issued following the online purchase of a voucher or subscription or in the form of an order confirmation by Kehlet/Bee-Line.

When using bee-line.dk the licence holder understands and is bound by the current licence terms and conditions, which thus comprise a binding agreement between Bee-Line and the licence holder. However, the formal right of use only enters into force once the licence has been paid for, and similarly ceases if any ongoing payments for the licence lapse.

The licence only applies to the business/legal entity stated in the written agreement.

Kehlet owns incontestable and sole copyright to all available content at bee-line.dk, but as licence holder you are the sole acquirer of the right of use. The right of use cannot be transferred to a third party and thus all forms of sale, lending or assignment of material from bee-line.dk are prohibited without exception.

As a licence holder you can freely use all content on bee-line.dk for design and preparation of e.g. adverts, printed material, signboards, brochures, presentation material, etc. The content may also be used to design websites, but never in a manner that would permit it to be downloaded and thus potentially be made available for use by a third party.

As a rule of thumb, Kehlet’s copyright will be infringed if elements from bee-line.dk are used in the design of products for sale. For example, you may not produce postcards, calendars, humorous cards, T-shirts, wall stickers, stencils or similar using elements from bee-line.dk and subsequently sell these on to third parties. The licence holder is responsible for ensuring that all employees/users who have access to bee-line.dk are aware of the current terms and conditions.

If you as a licence holder download content in a quantity that Kehlet/Bee-line deems to constitute excessive use, Kehlet/Bee-line may without prior notice close the account and thus prevent further downloads. Kehlet/Bee-Line shall determine what constitutes excessive use.

The licence agreement may only be cancelled in accordance with the clauses on cancellation in the agreement. Following any cancellation of the agreement the licence holder may no longer freely use already downloaded material.

In the event of cancellation previously downloaded material may only be used on assignments that were produced in the period for which the licence is held; however, only in unamended form and thus not in connection with new assignments or in new contexts. It may also not be used for the same customer.

The above restriction does not apply to material downloaded using vouchers. Here the right of use of the downloaded material will apply in perpetuity.

The restriction also does not apply if the material used is contained in collections for which the right of use has been purchased previously.

Infringement of Kehlet’s copyright or breach of the rights of use could potentially result in prosecution.

If you have any doubts as to whether you are in breach of the right of use and/or copyright, please do not hesitate to contact us on +45 75 22 37 00 or at JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING .